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The DPO role, as mandated by the GDPR, covers a broad range of responsibilities, and includes advising the organisation of its data protection obligations, monitoring the organisation’s compliance with data protection law, consulting on the need for Privacy Impact Assessments where relevant, and acting as the organisation’s point of contact with the Data Protection Authority.
By outsourcing DPO tasks and duties to ITaaSC, you get access to expert advice and guidance that helps you to address the compliance demands of the GDPR while staying focused on your core business activities.

Role description in line with Article 39 of the GDPR

  • Execute the role of the Data Protection Officer for the CERAN
  • Monitor compliance with GDPR and provide advice on the impact of data protection efforts
  • Inform and advise the company and staff of their obligations under the GDPR
  • Maintain comprehensive records (data register) of all data processing activities conducted by the company, including the purpose of all processing activities, which must be made public on request
  • Keep up-to-date internal and legal documents and documentation relating to GDPR
  • Organize and perform internal audits of compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Be the Designated Point of contact to the Supervisory Authority
  • Provide training and awareness on data privacy and protection matters
  • Assist with the GDPR implementation and maintenance follow-up
  • Monitor, evaluate and steer the Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Aid or deal with data subject communications on privacy and data protection matters i.e. rights of the data subject
  • Ensure that privacy is embedded into any new processing or product that are deployed
  • Advice, evaluate and steer the IT security of the company

Benefits of ITaaSC DPO-as-a-service solution

  • Access to independent DPO expertise not available internally
  • No conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities
  • Application of best practice in achieving and maintaining compliance with the GDPR
  • Practical and cost-effective solution to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance


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