GDPR: Everybody is speaking about it. We prefer to implement it.

4 GDPR packages to help you to be ready by May 2018

In order to help you with your GDPR compliance, we have defined 4 standard packages. We can also propose you a fully customized solution based on your specific needs.


GDPR packages


As a multidisciplinary organization, ITaaSC is uniquely positioned to help you adapt to GDPR. Our data protection team includes experts in GDPR and Data privacy, senior project managers, lawyers, consultants, cybersecurity specialists, auditors, risk management specialists …

The ITAASC consultants have the following skills:

  • Broad technical competence in all ICT subjects
  • Risk Management and Information Security including knowledge of ISO27001
  • Project management
  • Contract management
  • Quality management
  • Coaching and training

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